Kinder Konfidence

Kindergarten Konfidence is a set of activities to do with your kid in their first year of school

Get comfortable with counting

TODAY’S PLAY: Work on your child’s number sense by playing with food.



Wash your hands, then put 1 to 4 olives — one olive per finger tip — on one of your hands.


Ask your child, “How many olives are there?” Then rearrange that same number of olives on your fingers, again asking, “How many olives are there? Is this the same number as before?”

Continue to move the olives around on both hands — increasing and decreasing the number of olives as you go — to help build your child’s understanding of numbers and number groups. (And feel free to pop a couple in your child’s mouth as you go!)


Melissa McGlynn

Curriculum Director

Before joining Together10, Melissa was the National Director of Elementary at Teach for America. A 2008 graduate of UC Berkeley Melissa has been a KIPP Lead Pre-K teacher and is currently pursuing her EdD in Organizational Change and Leadership at the USC Rossier School of Education.

Why This Matters

Mental math

Studying 7 to 9-year-olds, researchers discovered that kids who could count in their heads were able to free up more short-term memory space. Opening up brain space made learning new math concepts easier and faster. Mastering counting on your fingers is the first step.

source: PBS