Kinder Konfidence

Kindergarten Konfidence is a set of activities to do with your kid in their first year of school

Create and rehearse introductions

TODAY'S PLAY: Introducing yourself is one of the first steps to making friends. It is also a way to start off any interaction feeling confident.


Let your child know something that you think is very special about them that they could use to introduce themselves. It could be that your son is a wonderful big brother or your daughter really loves math. 


Ask your child to introduce themselves to you by sharing their name and a special fact about them. You can go first to give them an example.

Another way to practice is to introduce a favorite character or another family member.


Lucy Schlosser

Teacher in Residence

Lucy earned her Masters in Education from the Teachers College at Columbia University focusing on Early Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities. Over the past 7 years, she has worked in a range of instructional programs both within the school and also the home environment across the Washington D.C. and New York City areas.

Why This Matters

Play for success

"The most profound thing you can do to help young children achieve kindergarten success is increase time in play so that the child can master skills in all areas of development."

source: Education and Career News