Kinder Konfidence

Kindergarten Konfidence is a set of activities to do with your kid in their first year of school

Identifying colors all around me

TODAY'S PLAY: Practice identifying colors with your little one by going on a color hunt together.


Begin by asking your child if they would like to go on a color hunt with you. Let them know that you'll be looking for a something that is red and that you'd like them to find something red, too.


There are many variations of this game you can play including I Spy or what color is that item.





Teacher in Residence

A summa cum laude graduate of the Boston College Honors Program with a Masters in Education from Loyola Marymount, Elizabeth has been teaching elementary school for 14 years. She is also a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor with experience bringing meditation, mindfulness and yoga practices into the classroom.

Why This Matters

Vegetable colors

Researchers at Cornell discovered that kids prefer plates with 7 items featuring 6 colors. Try using this information by adding a variety of different colored vegetables to your child's plate to see if they eat more veggies. Us adults? We like 3 colors on our meal plates.

source: Cornell