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How Together10 Works

Together10 is
a collection of fun and easy learning activities that use everyday items with minimal prep time.

Parents and kids
enjoy the educational play time and story time activities that make learning and exploration fun with 2, 10 or 30 minute activities you'll love doing with your kids.

TOGETHER10 activities,
are designated into educational areas so that you can choose the activities that are right for your child’s learning.

Activities are designed for
children 3-6 years old. We understand each child is an individual and develops differently throughout their learning journey. That's why we try to stress the journey and overall experience rather than the outcome.

Activity areas engage and enhance learning with...

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All Together10 activities are designed by early learning experts.

Meet a few of our team members

Director of Education @ Together10, Former National Director of Elementary at Teach For America

Elizabeth MS Edu
A 14-year teaching veteran, focusing on children's early literacy development

Lucy MS Edu
Experienced in school and at home learning, focusing on early childhood education and children with disabilities

Why Parents Love Together10

Our relationship is stronger

"Who knew that taking just 10 minutes out of my day to do the together10 activities with my son would draw us so close. We look forward to the evenings when we work on together10 activities because I can help foster his development while he does what he loves to do- play.",

— Julie, Mom

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